I am still recovering from being sick so my head is a little foggy but I wanted to share some things I am loving right now:

  1. Scrub Daddy. Since I got this two weeks ago I have been having soooo much fun scrubbing the pots and pans after messy mac and cheese meals! It was a phenomemon on one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank, and it is worth the hype. I am definitely going to start giving this as gifts!
  2. Emily and Merrit Duffle BagI am in desperate need for a new weekend bag and love this classic black and white one from Pottery Barn Teen-- there are some good items at PB Teen and I always check out their website for new arrivals.
  3. BonesThis has been a long-time favorite show for me and I took a little break and am now back to watching it non-stop. I have to watch it during the day because it is way too scary to watch at night, especially the recent episodes with the serial killer!!
  4. Real Simple recipes for toddlersI'm always looking for new recipes to try for our family and loved the simplicity that Real Simple always offers.
  5. I don't want to live forever song with Taylor Swift- definitely have this on repeat.Bus
  6. Busybees Kids Clothing I am a sucker for adorable kids clothing for Lillian and love this clothing line! They're also having 50% off sale right now so check it out!
  7. Arrowood Vineyards- I got three bottles of wine from my wine tasting adventure last weekend and have been loving them!! I cannot recommend this winery enough!!
  8. Heating pad- I know I always talk about this heating pad and people are like wow, that's so odd, but I seriously love my heating pad from Walgreens! I used it a lot when I was pregnant but now I use it every night since it's been so cold. I usually turn it on, take a shower, and then get in bed to a warm and cozy bed.
  9. Story time at Charlie's Corner This adorable Noe Valley book store has such an amazing story time! You have to take your little one there!
  10. Ice cream- Everyone who reads my blog knows how much I loooooove ice cream and sad news, I haven't had any in so long so once I am healthy I am going to eat a lot of ice cream!!!!!!!



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