Happy Monday! It feels like I have not written a blog post in forever! The past two weeks have by far been the most spotty in terms of posts and I apologize! I honestly tried-- I would sit down to write a post but couldn't because my head felt so foggy from my sinus infection. I was using all of my mental capacities for work. Needless to say, it feels great to write now! Thanks for sticking with me. Sidenote:When I don't post frequently it is super fun for me to go to my analytics and see the posts that are people are reading-- people love digging through the Archives-- especially my weekly pregnancy updates with Lillian.

This past weekend was full of celebrations! We celebrated my best friend at her baby shower (I will be sharing more pictures later) and had a lovely brunch for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary and Colleen's birthday!

Everyone always asks me what it's like to have a big family and our Sunday adventure this past weekend gives you a little glimpse into it. it goes: Caitlin made a reservation at Park Chalet for 15 people at 11:00am a few weeks ago. She sent out a lovely Paperless Post invitation and we were all excited. 

Sunday morning we all arrive to celebrate with our arms full of balloons, flowers, and gifts. As we are making a scene, as we always do, getting our table and figuring out our seating arrangement we decide to order a few drinks as we wait for our parents and Colleen. That's when we find out they don't have a brunch menu (like we all remember); they only have a lunch menu with 90% seafood. Since we all had our heart our brunch we decided to pull an audible-- yep, we're one step after doorbell ditching. 

This is the funny part- Caitlin, Claire and I are talking and laughing and like "oh shoot, this place is just not going to work." Luckily, at this point in our lives our husbands are used to us Curran girls not going with the flow. So after Caitlin pays for the bloody mary and two cups of milk and leaves a nice tip, we leave. Our plan is to head to Claire's house since hers is the closest and because it is far from easy to find a place for 15 people last minute, especially for brunch.

So Claire and Mike run to the grocery store to get loooots of breakfast fixings. I mean we wanted the works. I call Colleen and my parents to say we are going to Claire's house. Colleen screams at me and says, "NO! I want eggs benedict and frankly, none of you are good cooks. I want to go to a restaurant!!!" So I'm cracking up and tell Caitlin we have to find another restaurant. Mind you, at this point we have a group text going with so many texts coming through.

Jesse is in the car with Lillian and is sending me links to places nearby. So my phone is going crazy! He suggests Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company. Caiitlin and Niall say they've been there and it's great. I call them and they are so lovely and say they can accommodate us-- jackpot!!! I send the group text to meet there and call Danny. Danny tells me that Claire doesn't have her phone and to call Mike. When I call to tell them we are going to Sunset Reservoir Company Claire tells me that they have a cart full of groceries!! We're laughing!

So we all arrive to Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company and it's WONDERFUL!!!! I cannot recommend it enough! It's on Noriega and 25th Avenue and worth the drive out there. The staff is amazing and their brunch is great! We were able to get the upstairs space all to ourselves!!!

We had a blast celebrating Colleen and my parents and it was all worth the all-too-familiar chaos!!! 

I hope everyone has a great week!