Happy Saturday! You might have seen on my Instagram story that we are moving! When I posted that I got so many messages asking where we are going. We are so fortunate to be staying in San Francisco, just moving to a bigger place!

One of my new year's resolutions for 2017 is to create a home for Lillian and for our family as a whole. While we absolutely LOOOOOVE our place and our Noe Valley neighborhood, we have felt more and more that the location and size was encroaching on impractical.

When we moved here Jesse was working in SOMA and I was commuting down to Atherton, so the location was perfect. We have absolutely loved making so many great memories here and I want to cry just thinking about leaving our charming Noe Valley neighborhood. We have enjoyed the family-friendly community, 24th street, the people who work in the neighborhood and the sunshine.

Truthfully, we want to grow our family this year (now you can stop asking) and the thought of moving again while pregnant is painful. We want to be in a new place and settled before we get pregnant (overshare? no.).

Another reason we wanted to move was so that we could see our friends more! Our new place is better for entertaining and we can't wait to have our friends over for dinner. Guess I will really have to learn how to cook for more than just three!

Moving is a big financial undertaking and is a big commitment. When Jesse and I initially talked about moving the conversation eventually led to all of the things we will have to do. The financial commitment and time invested was enough to make me not want to do it. I began to get a little nervous and afraid-- it would be just sooooo much easier staying put. And it was that reason that we finally decided to move.

We didn't want our complacency to be what kept us stagnant. So, holy cow we are doing it! But luckily not for another month! We have work to do to get the new flat in order and to leave our current place in good shape.

I know in a few months when we are really settled we will feel so great about the new place. It is centrally located so it is great for Jesse and me to get to our respective work locations, closer to school for Lillian and her preschool in the fall, close to Golden Gate Park, and the Presidio so we can hop on the Bridge easily for our weekend Sonoma trips!

I guess what I have learned is that you can't get stuck in a situation, you always have to be moving and growing. Hopefully our story helps you move forward with something you have been stuck on.

Wish us luck and we can't wait to have you over!


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