While it may seem like I am over here enjoying baby clothes and drinking champagne and living in lala land, I've actually been feeling so heartbroken and frozen by what is happening in this country.

The best time of day is the first seven minutes when I wake up next to Jesse and hear Lillian singing in her room. Then I remember it all: the campaigns, the debates, the conventions, the signs, election and worst of all- the inauguration. Actually, I can't really say that was the worst; it's only getting worse and worse.

I am so freaking furious that people are so freaking horrible. I want to scream! The comfort I get from seeing people's response helps a little. The Facebook posts, the emails, the action all makes me feel so proud of my friends and friends of friends.

During times like this I just look to my mom's example of integrity and determination. To everyone who is taking action, we have to just keep doing it!! We have years ahead of us!!!


caroline curran