Life Update.


Just popping in to say hi!!!!! I've been so heads down on The Bundle of Joy that I thought switching gears for a second and sharing a quick post would be good! 

We have been so excited for the holidays. We got our tree last week and it was the best decision to get it so early. I've never had a Christmas tree in November! My family always used to wait until we were all out of school for the holidays. Some years, we got it as late as December 22nd! But we loved waiting until we could all do it together!

So! Wow! I'm back from taking a long break. It is so sad to me that I took a break because of the fires ravaging in Northern California and as I am typing this, fires are destroying parts of Southern California. My heart is going out to everyone in Southern California and everyone affected by them.

I spent the last couple of weeks reflecting and I delighted to share that I am going to continue blogging. Taking such a long break made me think about blogging, the industry and everything that comes with it. The truth is, I really missed blogging. I love writing, creating, collaborating, connecting and more.

I am working on a new site, with a new name!! We're on our phones and computers a lot and it's hard to not get affected by the terrible news we hear every. single. morning. What I hope for this blog is that it is a place that you come to when you're having a bad day. I want it to cheer you up, inspire you, and make you feel like we can truly focus on the positive together.

I am thrilled that my new blog will feature content with an emphasis on loving, learning, and creating. These are three pillars that really define how I try to live my life and I am excited to share content through my take on these topics. 

While my site is under construction, I will be still be blogging here and reveal the new look and name when it's ready!! Thanks for following along!!


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