Happy Friday!! It's been a fun process since we signed our lease on January 25 to being all settled in our new place. The move was wonderful and could not have gone any better. We hired One Big Man, One Big Truck and I loved how FAST they moved!! They packed up our old place in an hour and a half and unpacked in just under two. They were great at helping me put every thing in it's new spot. I highly recommend them.

The last three weeks have been such a process in selecting the paint colors. The original paint was an off white that really needed some loving. We painted the living room and dining room initially, and after a small snafu with the painters painting the incorrect paint color, we were thrilled with the results.

We ended up painting the two bedrooms, sunroom, and one of the bathrooms last week and since everything looked so great I thought the kitchen looked so drab and so they are painting it today. The place is coming along great but we still have so much to do-- we need new rugs, to refinish the dining room table, reupholster the dining room chairs, and get new furniture for the living room. It is definitely a work and process and I hope to have it done by June- our fifth wedding anniversary and Lillian's 2nd birthday! So hard to believe!

I have to tell you that picking the paint colors was so difficult! I know I am not the only one who picks a color based on how it looks on a swatch and then is completely shocked when you see it up on the walls. I understand why interior designers have their go-to colors.

I knew I wanted to go with a grey and the image above was inspiration for the living room. We ended up going with a bluer-grey and I couldn't even tell you the name because the painters picked it.

While I do have a history of going to Loews on a whim and picking up a gallon to paint an accent wall (I can't tell you how many times Jesse came home from work and was like, "again?? really??"). I wasn't so impulsive. I spent time looking online for paint ideas and to see what I liked. Initially, I thought of going with Sherwin Williams and just picking colors from their Pottery Barn collection but to be honest, I didn't care for the quality and coverage. 

I ended up going with all Benjamin Moore paint and really love their Natura line. It has the least amount of omissions and goes on really well.

Our previous place had walls that were very warm and I knew that I wanted something on the cooler side. I am not kidding I honestly spent over $125 in pint size samples (they're $7 each so you can see that I was trying to get it just right). After trying a lot of colors we settled on Benjamin Moore Classic Grey with Simply White trim and Swiss Coffee ceiling.

I find it helpful to just try the colors you like on your own and then once you have found the one you like ask for help on what to pair it with. I found it very frustrating to ask paint color consultants for advice or tips in selecting the initial color because I didn't feel like they knew what I was going for. Our bathroom is painted Benjamin Moore Kensington Blue on the bottom and Simply White on top.

Once the paint is finished I can't wait to get moving on purchasing some furniture and rugs so that it can be more comfortable!

Here are some images of the colors we selected! I'll share some images of our place soon!








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