We had a great weekend and today Lillian is off from daycare so we are going to spend the day together. A lot of people message me when they see so many Instagram stories of Lillian and ask if/ when I work! Ha- I'm never insulted, I think it is funny. 

Lillian is in daycare four days a week but between school holidays and her recent bout of ear infections we have spent a lot of days together. I usually drop her off at daycare at 7:45am and pick her up at 4pm. So, I work during those hours and Jesse and I also work at night after Lillian has gone to bed.

This weekend was a real blast! It marked our first weekend in our new place and we spent a lot of time getting organized and just enjoying the space. We also had a nice baptism for my nephew Augustine and his cousin Shane.

It was so great to dust off my camera and snap some great photos from the day. I absolutely loving taking photos of friends and family and have really enjoyed growing my headshot portfolio and business.

I even managed to get this photo of Lillian and me! The rain stopped for a little bit on Sunday afternoon and we were able to capture our Sunday rainy day hair. People often wonder why I am so down to earth and it's because of my siblings. Danny said to me, "This is not an insult, but do you brush Lillian's hair?" I just crack up at stuff like that. Her hair is always crazy because she is crazy!! She runs around everywhere, slipping and sliding like a monkey. Yes, we brush her hair every night, Danny.

Oh! One of the highlights of the weekend was being introduced to Heartbaker on Clement by my friend Jessica. Lillian and I had a lovely brunch there while Jesse worked. Omg the huevos rancheros were out of this world. I can't wait to explore more spots in the Inner Richmond!

I hope everyone has a great week and day off!


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