We are getting settled into our new place and we are so happy! It has been such a special treat to receive so many wonderful house warming gifts and I thought I would share some of the ones we are really loving for Lillian!

Moms always want to know the best products. I have found that once you find a brand you like you usually stick with it. I was fortunate enough to find some great brands when Lillian was a newborn from our time together at DayOne Baby.

A few of the brands we love around here are SkipHopBabyganics, and Beaba.

Here are some of our recent gifts we are loving:

  1. SkipHop Tuo Convertible Chair: Lillian recently grew out of her beloved Ingelsina Chair that attached to the table. And when I say grew out of it I mean that she would stand up in it! We knew we needed something that would keep her contained-- she's a wild woman! We love this SkipHop high chair because it turns into a toddler chair by simply swapping out the legs and adding covers the to the armrests. We love that we can have this chair for a while and the design is so sleek and matches our new dining room! It's so fun to hear Lillian say, "high chair!" when she wants to go eat.
  2. SkipHop Mealtime Items- We just got the Insulated Food Jar, Bento Meal Time Set, Training Chopsticks (so cute!!), and Lunch Box which is perfect for our weekend travels and upcoming preschool lunches. Check out all mealtime items here.
  3. Babyganics: We have always loved Babyganics sunscreen (and used it our entire time at Bacara Resort) and loved receiving the Babyganics Essentials Gift Set for our new place. It could not have come at a better time-- we now have a big bathtub for Lillian so all of the bath products have been great. I especially love the toy and highchair spray cleaner and wipes! We can't wait for summer adventures in Sonoma and the color-changing swim diapers are perfect.
  4. Beaba BabyCook: With our kitchen out of sorts it was a dream to receive the Beaba Baby Cook. We have had a blast looking up recipes and making food!




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