What a great weekend we had!! The best part was it was pretty low-key and we spent time around the house, exploring the neighborhood, and just being a family. While Lillian was napping I was able to start and finish Magnolia Story by the lovely couple on Fixer Upper, Joanna and Chip Gaines.

Although we don't have cable and I have only seen a handful of episodes over the years, I was so excited to borrow the book from my sister Claire. Talk about a real page turner!!! Such a heart-warming story about this lovely couple and their journey through life.

I am not kidding when I say that I shed a tear about every ten pages. My mom has taught my family a lot about the power of synchronicity- the power of meaningful coincidences. Their story through the ups and downs is all about how every experience got them to where they are.

I couldn't help but laugh at the funny situations they find themselves in because of Chip's personality or the way their love grows when they are together. 

I love reading about happiness and the reason why I was crying is because it was so touching. I feel like they are a couple who really loves each other. It made me think of Jesse and our relationship. We are such an incredible partnership and I adore so many things about him. Going through the moving process, or really any process, always brings us closer together. We become stronger the more time we spend and work together.

A lot of people ask me if we ever fight. And the truth is we don't really. Jesse and I are both easy-going and not a lot of things upset us. Jesse has taught me to be more patient, thoughtful in decision-making, resourceful, and rational. I have taught him (haha) that it's not bad to be quick thinking, try new things, and not have a plan. What I love about Chip and Joanna is that when you read the book or watch the show you know how much they love each other. It is so refreshing!

There are so many great lessons you can learn from the book but a few that I took away were: have faith, we're stronger together, authenticity is the most important thing, and it's better to build a home around your family rather than building a picture-perfect home that you can't enjoy.

The authenticity points throughout the story are so meaningful to me because the world we live in rewards inauthenticity. Jesse and I always talk about how we want Lillian to grow up with authentic parents since that was the way we were raised.

I found Joanna's words about seeing her family thrive once they were in a home that was made for them to be comfortable rang really true for me as we move and get settled and purchase new items. While I absolutely love all of the gorgeous homes from Elle Decor, I want something more realistic for Lillian and our family.

I could go on and on but I just want to share that you really should get a copy of this book because these two are the real deal and it makes me happy that they are so popular and well-loved!





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