Everyone has been asking me where we are moving to and I have to let you know that we are staying in San Francisco! Sorry if this image is deceiving but I had to share because I think it is so cute!! If you are planning on moving from one city to another would you please do this photo for me? The only move I anticipate for us San Francisco---> San Francisco. At least for the time being.

So we are moving next week and we have already been packing and getting ready with our plan of attack. Last time we moved I was a few weeks pregnant so Jesse literally wouldn't let me lift a finger. I told him that this time since he is so busy with work that he didn't have to lift a finger.

We've also learned so much about tips to make the move smoother. Here are a few:

  1. Hire movers. While my dad and brother are so eager to jump in and help us move and Jesse's dad has a truck, we know that hiring professionals in this case is a better use of time and money.
  2. Pack in advance.  We spent a lot of time packing last weekend so we are prepared when the movers arrive. Since you pay movers by the hour, the more you can do to prep saves you time and money.
  3. Get rid of things. The worst thing is to show up at your new place with all of these items you wish you had gotten rid of. As soon as we signed the lease I started going through each room and donating, recycling, and giving away items.

We are so excited to move and start a new adventure! I can't wait for our first night in the new place!!


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