So many people have emailed and texted and messaged me asking where we are moving to! It's so sweet and I'm not trying to be cryptic- just don't want to put everything out there on the internet. We're staying in San Francisco and I can't wait to really build our home.

I mentioned it before, one of my major goals for 2017 is to build a warm and cozy home where we can have friends over, bring back dinner parties, and have a place for our family to grow. In today's political climate I think it is even more important to have supportive friendships, conversations, and collaboration. Our new home is going to be our safe haven from all of the madness in the world.

Someone once told me that your home style should be a reflection of your personal style. For me that is classic with some flair!!! I would love nothing more than to decorate our place like the White House Napa Valley Inn or like Lilly Pulizter Palm Beach style!! I love when interiors have personality instead of the formulaic style you see all over Pinterest and Instagram.

I hope to share a little bit more design ideas on here!