A favorite style you will see even more of this spring and summer is the off-the-shoulder top. This 70s style top is fun and flirty without showing too much skin. I actually think these tops are hilarious to wear because they always move around when you move your arms-- especially when you talk a lot with your arms. I suggest wearing these tops when you won't be dancing, like at a wedding, or else you will have to keep your arms down by your side and look like a weirdo! Well, unless you want your dress to get all over the place-- up to you!

These tops are perfect for summer pool days-- if you look closely you can see Lillian's wet bathing suit got my shirt all wet. This Vineyard Vines top is fun for summer because of the seersucker material. I paired the top with my favorite white jeans and I know I will have this look on repeat all spring and summer!




Fashioncaroline curran