The other day my sister Claire said to me that it people who follow you on social media probably don't believe how much you really enjoy being a mom. (And people wonder why I am so down to earth!!?!??!). I hadn't thought about it before she said that because honestly we're just living life and snapping a few photos along the way.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom and I always knew I would be good at it, but I never could have known how much I would love every aspect of it. Yes, every single aspect. (But check back with me when Lillian is older and I am up late waiting for her to come home for curfew-- ahh, I'm already panicking just thinking about that).

I remember how much I loved getting up in the middle of the night to nurse and burp and spend time with Lillian. I felt like it was our special time together and we were the only ones awake in all of San Francisco, which obviously I know isn't true, but when you are on maternity leave you really feel like you're in your own world.

I'm not trying to defend myself I just want to share with readers who are thinking about having a baby that it really is magical if you let it be and don't be scared by all of the horror stories you hear. Watching a newborn grow is one of the most incredible experiences ever and even when Lillian is crying about wanting more Cheerios or watching Barney and we won't give in, it is incredible to see her navigate situations.

I mean watching Lillian try and kick a bocce ball was so entertaining and we were having a blast. I hope that Lillian looks back on my blog and sees how much fun we had and how much we love her.


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