Slowly but surely our house is coming together! We've cleaned, painted, and bought new rugs! My father-in-law installed window guards on our living room windows that look beautiful but really serve the purpose of making sure Lillian doesn't go through them! Over the weekend we hung shelves and curtain rods and are adding little decor touches.

Our next project is reupholstering our dining room chairs and getting some artwork for our walls! I am sharing this photo above because I love this piece of art. I find it so difficult to find the right piece of work. Well, actually it's hard to find the right piece of art for the right price!

Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, everyone has asked me about the rug in Lillian's room and we got it from Birch Lane. Have you checked out their site yet? Lots of great stuff! I love going through it when Lillian is napping!


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