Easter is just a few weeks ago and if you haven't gotten your monogrammed Easter Basket for your little one, there is still time!! Most of you know that I'm not kidding! Easter has always been special in my family and I am very excited to celebrate with Jesse and Lillian this year.

While I know a lot of people, especially parents, love celebrating Christmas it's no surprise to my readers that other holidays have my heart-- namely, Valentine's Day and Easter! There's something so nice about these two holidays in which you are celebrating a sentiment and the presents are secondary and the perfect addition, rather than Christmas where it is all about the gifts. Even if you try to personally not be about the gifts for Christmas our culture is all about it-- especially our capitalist consumer culture! Ha laughing that I just typed that but it's true.

Easter was always a special time in our family because of the nice celebrations at school, a special family celebration with Mass and the most epic Easter egg hunt at my grandparents teeny, tiny backyard in Noe Valley with all of the hidden nooks and crannies for hiding those plastic eggs. We would be with our cousins and we would have so much fun hiding and finding and rehiding and re-finding the eggs. We would do it for hours. The most secret spot was putting an Easter egg in a plastic bag and then hanging it from the clothesline with a clothesline pin and sending it out on it's way on the clothesline!

This year I got especially excited for Lillian's Easter Basket and got her this adorable Seer Sucker one with her name on it. I can't wait to fill it with goodies that she already has and a few new items. I'm going to put a little outfit, some shoes, and a few treats. Okay, yes and there is a monogram pillow in there for her-- I couldn't resist.