Usually about ten minutes into a conversation with someone I have just met for the first time they say to me, "wow, you are so positive!" I can't even tell you how many times it has happened to me, especially in the last couple of years. I don't have a good response, I usually just say thank you.

Although it happens all of the time it always comes as a surprise. It would be like if you're a funny person (and I actually am- I know this because I make myself laugh and a lot of people tell me I am funny) and someone points it out in a conversation. Or if you are sarcastic and someone says to you in a conversation, "wow, you are so sarcastic!". I can't help it-- I am pretty sure I am hardwired to be positive and then at some point realized life is better when you're positive and I've just made it my outlook.

The reason why I share this feeling is because something has felt off recently. Have you noticed? Not with me in particular, but with the world. Maybe it was those clouds of rain that sat over California for a few weeks straight, but it really feels like there is an emotional cloud over us. Like the Dementors from Harry Potter are looming above.

Everyone I talk to is tired or something annoying has happened in their lives recently. I am pretty sure that Mercury is in retro-grade. It feels like the stars are misaligned.

It is times like this, when the juju is off, that life requires even more positivity. And it's when I actively step up my positivity game. I have found the best way to be more positive is to eat healthy, exercise, and most importantly-- celebrate the small victories- like a good parking place or a block of cheese in your fridge that you forgot you had, or when your coffee drink is made just right, or when your husband comes home super early from work, or wins his basketball game, or your favorite underwear is clean, or the box you thought was a new bathroom fan turns out to be a box full of Vineyard Vines clothes, or when your daughter says, "more Cheerios please, mama", or when someone sends you an email wanting to reconnect about their new business, or when the MailChimp campaign goes smoothly.

What I am trying to say is that when things seem out of sort I think of teeny tiny positive moments as tiny gold coins that I go around collecting. When I get enough of these small things they help relieve the pain of the bad juju.

Things that are not helpful: complaining, eating junk food (which I do), talking poorly about others.

The solution is to force yourself to be positive and collect those gold coins! Also, of course, lean on others. Family and friends are always there!