If you're like me then your phone has thousands of photos on it. I seriously snap photos of everything-- it's my place for keepsakes, instructions, to-do lists and inspiration. I have absolutely loved taking photos of Lillian since she was born and I have loved having my blog as a way to chronicle and share the fun we are having! I swear, I have 19,000 photos on my phone (insert tongue sticking out winky face aka sour face emoji). 😜

However, I know that many families are not as comfortable as I am sharing photos and don't want to use big social media networks or public websites to share their photos. I am delighted to tell you about a photo sharing app that is perfect for families who want a custom and private sharing experience, Stellashare.

Stellashare was started by two parents who wanted a better way to share photos with a large group privately. With friends and family spread across the country they wanted a better way to send photos of their new baby girl in a way that didn't require family members to sign up for social networks. 

Stellashare is easy to set up and use. The coolest part is that when you sign up you receive a unique telephone number. That is who you text the image to and it sends it to the family members you have put on the Stellashare list. How cool is that? You can also login to your account online and see a gallery of images. 

It solves the problem of grandparents missing out on photos because they don't have Facebook or Instagram. Everyone is text savvy these days so Stellashare is accessible to everyone-- of any generation! 

I am always so inspired when people create things when the current offerings aren't working. I am also so inspired when parents are the creators because they truly are trying to make the world a better place for their kids.

I hope you check out Stellashare and use promocode STELLAPERFECT10SF for 25% off a yearly subscription!




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