We had an absolutely wonderful Easter and it was so special to be with both sides of our family-- we went to Mass with my family and had Jesse's parents over for brunch. We never take for granted that Lillian gets to see bot sets of grandparents so often.

We have been cracking up because we took Lillian to see the Easter Bunny on Saturday morning at Stonestown and she just went right up to him and gave him a very big hug. She is very friendly and outgoing and we love watching her be fearless! It was so funny because after Mass she went right up to this Easter Bunny, who might I add was the most terrifying Easter Bunny I have ever seen!!

I mentioned this before but Easter is one of my favorite holidays because you get to celebrate Spring, it's not about the presents, and it's such a special time in the Catholic church. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!


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