Pop the bubbly!! It's time to celebrate three great years of Perfect 10 SF!! I can't wait to celebrate this weekend at Gloria Ferrer's Bubbles and Blooms event (read more here)!!!

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. It has been so much fun to have. I cannot believe how much the blogging industry has changed since I first launched three years ago on April 15 when I was avoiding doing a lot of grad work assignments! ha!

I am a person who thrives on growth through experiences so I am always so grateful to people and companies and organizations who have allowed me to have such great opportunities through my blog.

It's amazing how much the blog has changed over the years as it has followed me through my personal adventures: grad school, leaving jobs, pregnancy, Jesse's growing company, travels, and more. It is hard to believe that Lillian will be two soon!!

What has surprised me the most these past couple of years is how much more modest and reserved I have become. I naturally have a very no-holds back, life of the party, connect with others personality and as my blog grew I found myself becoming purposely less interested in seeking attention. I never wanted people to think that the blog made me more self-centered, it's made me so self-deprecating. Often times I find myself dressing down when I know a lot of people will be around because I don't want to draw attention to myself. Hello, Pixie Pants uniform!!! ahhaha

I've realized this and I'm just going to be myself! I never try and be something I am not so I'm just moving forward having too much fun to give a damn! Can't wait for summer!! There are some really exciting things happening with the blog that I can't wait to share!!!

Thanks for reading!!