This past weekend we went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum for the first time. Fast forward to what's important: we ended up getting a membership because the place is so great! I actually have a very vivid memory of going as a child and making a house in the art studio. It's funny how some memories really stick with you!

We have been wanting to go but were waiting until Lillian could really enjoy it. The place is wonderful and we can't wait to go back! We went Sunday morning for about an hour and half but only got to a third of all of the offerings.

The museum is big with several buildings that have a variety of activities. We visited the Rainforest, Tot Area and outdoor building area where Jesse built a very impressive car for Lillian. I love being married to an engineer-- I kid you not, I was like hmmm...what should I build and started stacking things. All of a sudden I look over and Jesse had built a car!! It was like something out of a movie. We were cracking up. One of the things I love about Jesse is that he sees solutions that others don't see. I hope he passes this trait onto Lillian.

I wish I took better photos from our visit so that you could see the outdoor play area, indoor bouncing area that was made to look like ponds of water you can jump on, and the art studio that we just popped our heads into. Also, it totally cracks me up that Lillian never looks at the camera. I am lucky if I get a photo of her looking in the direction of the camera! I wonder if that will ever change! Also, yes I swear I brush Lillian's hair all of the time!! It was windy and she runs around so much that it gets all over the place! I have hair ties that I put her hair in but she always pulls them out!!

We are looking forward to going back again soon and I suggest you check it out too!


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