On Saturday I had the special opportunity to take my sister Claire as my guest to Gloria Ferrer's Bubbles and Blooms celebration! The two of us always love hanging out so it was especially fun to head to our favorite place together.

I think I mentioned it before on here but Claire was the one who discovered the beauty of Sonoma over 10 years ago. She was the one who suggested my parents buy property up there. She religiously searches online for houses and can always find the great ones with a lot of potential. She calls me once a week and says "I found a house in Sonoma". And they are always gorgeous!! Jesse and I are saving our pennies to buy a house with a pool in Sonoma-- that is the dream!

While we have made Sonoma our home away from home over the years, we are still discovering all of the wonderful offerings, which actually continue to grow and grow. For my bachelorette party five years ago (hard to believe it was that long ago) my sisters and best friends from high school and college went wine tasting in Sonoma and one of the stops was Gloria Ferrer. I still love their champagne and loved going to the winery for a special spring and Earth Day Celebration.

Claire and I sipped champagne, made floral arrangements at a class with Katie Chirgotis of Eothen Florals, and got to walk around the winery and through the caves where vendors were set up selling a variety of goods. We also got to make an earth day pledge and then put a flower in the greenery wall to commemorate it.

The event was really great and it was fun to see everyone enjoying themselves and the bubbly! If you don't have a house in Sonoma you can still go visit as often as I like too-- which is every weekend. I suggest joining a wine club. It gives you a reason to go up there and you also can enjoy special members-only events. Gloria Ferrer has so many great events and the best champagne that I am considering joining their wine club! They have a great father's day celebration coming up that I want to take Jesse and Lillian too!

Check out the Gloria Ferrer site for more information and details about planning your visit!

A special thank you to Lauren and the Gloria Ferrer team for inviting me to participate in such a wonderful event!



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