Last night we had my family and Jesse's parents over to celebrate Jesse's birthday. It's parties like that that make me feel so happy we moved. The fact that we can have friends and family over comfortably makes it so much more special.

Everyone knows how much I love Studio McGee and wish our living room could look like this but it's really not practical right now-- by the end of the night the kids are running around and everything has to be up on shoulder level-- our mantel is always full of drinks and breakables as the night goes on.

Since we moved in mid-February we have slowly been getting the place in order. I told Jesse that we did phase one and now it's time for phase two-- recovering our dining room chairs. I just bought the best Caitlin Wilson fabric and I can't wait to recover them!! Phase three is getting all of the artwork up on the wall and getting our shelves in order.

I had some major inspiration on Wednesday when I went to the Decorators Showcase. I can't wait to share images of the gorgeous house! Stay tuned!


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