Last week I had the special privilege of photographing models for my client SF Color Collective, a San Francisco-based company that provides education on hair techniques such as balayage and hair painting to colorists who are looking to expand their skill set and techniques. I was fortunate to meet the founders Priscilla and Jessica through my friend Michelle, the owner of Lyon Street Salon and the lady who is responsible for my making my hair look beautiful.

I can't share too many images because the company is going to be using them for their website, social, and newsletters but I just wanted to share a little bit about this fun opportunity. If you've noticed recently, I've been a little bit more inconsistent with my blog. Writing Perfect 10 SF is my first passion and I love sitting down every day to share my thoughts and experiences but I also really, really, really enjoy working with other women to get their businesses up and running or help share my talents so they can really grow their company. I definitely would say I am a seed stage consultant!!

While I absolutely love writing, I realized when Lillian was born and as she has grown that I never wanted my full-time employment to be blogging for Perfect 10 SF. I don't want my life to be my business. I want it to be an outlet and not something that puts a lot of pressure to make money. Plus, I feel like everything you see from bloggers is sponsored. I just feel like it's hard to make a lot of money and maintain credibility. Also, I just really love that I can take what I have learned through blogging and share it with other companies. My "work" can reach far more people that way and it's nice to be behind the scenes at times.

So, long story short (Jesse always tells me whenever I say that that I don't have short stories), working with other companies is far more rewarding than putting all of that energy and time into my blog. I'd rather help others, so if you're looking for some photos or insight into your company feel free to email me at

If you want to learn more about SF Color Collective visit their website, like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. If you're a stylist you should sign up for their upcoming workshops. If you want to get your hair done by these talented women then reach out to them to schedule an appointment!