In honor of #flashbackfriday I thought I would share one of my first images from my blog in early 2014. Looking at this photo is so fun for a number of reasons- it brings me back to our first apartment together in Noe Valley and reminds me of our time as a newlyweds.

I cannot help but think about how much I have changed personally and just how very much our lives have changed since this picture. I am always so grateful that I have my blog to document the fun memories we have so that I can always have a place to go back at look at them. Whenever anyone tells me they want to start a blog I always enthusiastically encourage them to do so. It's a live journal that you won't regret having!

While "the blogging world" has been around for over a decade, it is incredible to me how much it has changed since I joined in 2014. The platforms, technology, equipment and third party companies have increased 100x and as a result, the blogging world has become a worldwide industry.

When I first launched my blog I was able to grow it by reaching out directly to companies and seeing if they wanted to work together. I was stunned and grateful when they said yes! Some of my biggest accomplishments were in those early days when there wasn't a lot of resources for partnerships.

Luckily, I was introduced to Collectively, an influencer marketing agency, and was able to build a relationship with them and be introduced to some great paid opportunities, like this one with Blurb Books-- still to date these photos are some of my favorites!

My blog has always been my greatest project, portfolio, classroom, workplace and creative outlet. I am especially grateful to work with Collectively to make money through creative projects, something I have always dreamed of doing.

The blog has followed me through grad school, work changes, pregnancy, fashion week, labor, marriage and parenthood. I am extremely for Collectively, especially in times of transition like my maternity leave and career changes.

Companies always reach out to me about how to work with bloggers and I always tell them to check out Collectively! Also, if you are a blogger you have to check out Collectively for partnership opportunities!


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