Two weekends ago I had the special privilege to visit Marin Country Mart for a Mother's Day celebration (read the original post here). The day started off with the Enzyme Facial at International Orange! This was so incredible and I am so glad that I did it!

I've had facials over the years and for some reason, my go-to plan is to always get the basic facial and I never even look at the other offerings. Maybe it's a price thing, maybe it's an unfamiliarity thing, but either way, I feel like I am not going to do that anymore! The Enzyme Facial was a game-changer!!

Whenever I receive a service from a professional I approach it with the attitude that we are working together to make me feel and look better. It always surprises people when I say that I like to talk, ask a lot of questions, and learn through the process together. I mean, how often are you with a professional in a field where you get an hour of their time?? When I am with my friend Michelle who is the owner of Lyon Street Salon and she is doing my hair I always ask her a million questions. She has taught me so much about hair care and beauty and I am so appreciative.

So when I was at International Orange and had the opportunity to meet my esthetician (I can't believe I spelled that correctly on my first try) Summer, I told her my philosophy in talking during treatments to learn as much as possible. Summer was incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel really comfortable.

As no surprise, Summer has incredibly beautiful skin and I noticed it right away when we met in the relaxation lounge (as I was nibbling on the dark chocolate and dried apricots- yum!). I think everyone can agree that when you are doing some sort of treatment- hair, skin, nails, body- there is a vulnerability to showing your true self to someone else. Sure, we see our naked bodies and bare faces and stray hairs every day, but something about sharing that with others is so intimate. My friend Michelle always talks about how intimate it is to do people's hair. This vulnerability or intimacy is what, I think, causes many people to avoid treatments, especially the ones that they would actually love!!!

I am grateful that I'm able to see the light and just go full-steam ahead with treatments!! They're so relaxing, healing, rejuvenating, and necessary. I actually love makeup and wear it because it's fun for me. But after my Enzyme facial with Summer I felt like my skin looked so great and fresh that I have been wearing no makeup most days. After my facial, I was walking around, running errands, living life make-up free and I felt really confident. 

During my treatment, I asked Summer to tell me all about herself and her story. I absolutely love hearing people's stories and when I first meet new people I always ask them to tell me about themselves. Through the course of our conversation and treatment I learned that it was her own personal journey with her skin and skincare routine that led her to become an esthetician (spelled it correctly again there too!). She was working as a wedding photographer as well as building her jewelry line when she connected with a family friend who is an estetician and inspired her to pursue this passion.

I learned from Summer about my skin type, what products I should use, and of course, I asked her all about what Jesse should use. I am really grateful for the experience because I feel like I found my "skin" person. I have Michelle who does my hair, Rainbow Salon in Noe Valley for my nails, Ronit for my massages, and now Summer for skin!! It's so important to develop relationships with trusted experts. But here's the funny thing-- you might meet Summer or any one of my "people" and they might not be a good fit for you. The point is you just need to keep searching for the right person, but I can guarantee that they are probably at International Orange!

While I love the Fillmore location for a quick drop-in appointment, I love the Marin Country Mart location for longer relaxation experiences. Be sure to check out both locations and book your appointment today!


A special thank you to the Marin Country Mart, International Orange team and Summer for my amazing complimentary experience!