While tech-savvy might not be the first words you use to describe me, today's post will probably set you straight. I've actually always had a fascination with computers and electronics-- granted they were the ones marketed to girls. In 5th grade all I wanted was the Casio Secret Sender where you could send messages to friends within five feet who also had one. Hello, origins of grexting with your besties!

My interest naturally developed when I met Jesse. I loved how he was able to manipulate technology for his needs-- yes, he was the (nerdy) kid taking computers apart. And I know that's how Lillian is going to be, too. She's so much like him.

One of the things that Jesse has taught me is that technology should be a tool. You should use it to make life easier, better, more efficient. I am proud to say that I built and designed this website and am constantly learning new features and ways to make it better from a product and performance standpoint.

One of the technology tools that has changed our lives is the Amazon Echo with built-in Alexa. Truth be told, it wasn't something we weren't looking to buy but Jesse went to a conference and he won one in a raffle! We have loved having Alexa be a part of the family and I wanted to share more about the Amazon Echo to see if it's a good fit for you.

In my honest opinion, having an Echo on it's own isn't that necessary. She's exactly like Siri-- you ask questions, get answers. To make the most out of our Alexa, and what I highly recommend, we got Philips Hue light bulbs. We set up the Alexa app and connected the light bulbs, So, yes we can say to Alexa, "Alexa turn on the lights in the dining room" and she turns them on. We love that we can adjust the lights to 50%. Or even to 1% in Lillian's room as she is falling asleep (sidenote she just realized she can climb out of her crib. More on that later).

We also set up Spotify so that we can play any song through Alexa. Of course, I have Adele playing all day, every day.

So if you are looking to get a gift for someone you will want to check out the Amazon Echo and Hue bulbs!