Okay, so by this point you're probably wondering why I am so obsessed with the Showcase house? Well, there are a lot of reasons. I loved seeing the process and the final products, but I especially loved meeting the designers and seeing their personalities come through in each room!

Two designers that caught my eye because of their style, energy, and personalities were Benni Amadi and Courtney Springer. I loved getting to know these two women who are two designers to watch (I've deemed them that and after seeing their work you will see why!).

I was able to sync up with them and ask them a few questions that we are all so curious about!! Thank you to Benni and Courtney for their time, thoughtful answers, and creativity! You can follow them on Instagram for more daily inspiration--@BenniAmadiInteriors and @CourtneySpringerInteriors

What was the process for applying to the Showcase like?

We had decided over a year ago that we wanted to partner on the Decorator's Showcase, so when we went to the initial walkthrough, we were really interested in spaces that spoke to both of us. We immediately loved the first-floor powder bathroom, but we also knew it was going to be a challenge creatively and in the fact that it was a pretty popular space with all the designers. We were so nervous about being able to get this room because felt like we were the little guys.

The process of applying for Showcase was really fun but also really intense!  It stretched us creatively, as we wanted to design something a little outside our typical style. Completing a full design proposal in the short turn around time was also tough. We joked that it was like being back in school trying to finish a final project...we camped out at Benni's kitchen table and worked until 2 am to get it done! But the process was really fun and collaborative. We both just got in the zone and felt really in sync about our ideas for the space.

What room did you design and what were you hoping to achieve?

We designed the Powder Room and Vestibule on the first floor. The room was a completely blank slate and we wanted to create some architectural interest that reflected the character and age of the home. We added panel molding in the bathroom, as well as thick, traditional trims in the vestibule. By keeping the shell of the room traditional it allowed us to create tension by layering modern prints, fixtures, and lighting in the space. We went for a moody and dramatic vibe to work with the grandness of this home. We're wanted to create a really beautiful and memorable space, and also stretch ourselves as designers to do something a little different than our typical aesthetic.

How can families bring more beautiful elements into their home when they have a toddler running around? This is my experience right now!

We've both worked with a lot of families with young kids, and Benni is the mother of a toddler, so we know how important it is to bring function to a family home without sacrificing beauty.  One of our tricks is to use indoor/outdoor fabrics for families with young children and/or pets. These outdoor-grade fabrics clean up beautifully and they have come so far in the last few years - most clients can't even tell the difference anymore. We also recommend choosing natural materials wherever possible as they tend to be really durable without sacrificing beauty. Rugs are a great example of this - natural wool and even silk rugs are actually more durable and easier to clean than synthetic rugs. Using reclaimed woods or finishes that already have a look of age to them is another wonderful way to camouflage all types of wear and tear!

How will you feel when people see your Showcase room for the first time?

We'll both be a little nervous. We've put so much time and creative energy into this, so we just want people to love it and really understand our vision. We'll also feel really proud. Being young designers, and this being our first time participating in Showcase, and we're both really proud of what we've accomplished.

Anything else you want to add?

We're just so thrilled for the opportunity to participate in this year's Decorator Showcase. We've admired this event for years and we are really honored to be a part of it during its 40th Anniversary. it's been wonderful to work with so many other talented designers - something we used to dream about and are now so thrilled to be a part of! 

You can read my previous two posts about the SF Designer Showcase here and here. Thank you to Benni and Courtney for allowing me to interview them!