Thank you everyone for reading yesterday's post where I shared answers to some FAQs! I know everyone has questions that they really want to know about the blogging industry and I am always happy to share.

For today's #TravelTuesday post I am delighted to introduce you to Holiday House in Palm Springs. This hotel was originally built in 1951 by architect Herbert W. Burns. He was one of the main architects responsible for the iconic style of Palm Springs, that eventually became known as Mid-Century. It operated for years under the name The Chase Hotel before being sold in 2017 and slapped with some paint and decorated by Mark Sikes.

It's really quite funny because what is old is new again, literally. Palm Springs was always a retirement place for people who wanted to live in the desert. It's pretty much the Florida of Calfornia. It's a golfer's paradise and it's a fun family destination if you want to lay poolside all day. 

It was never really "cool" until Coachella arrived in 1999. But it didn't get really cool until like five years ago. Everyone loves the colorful Saguaro hotel, which I stayed at years ago when it first opened and was empty and no one was there (!!), and the so-cool-but-I'm-not-trying Ace Hotel, and of course, the California-Palm-Springs chic (very expensive) Parker Hotel designed by Jonathan Adler.

If I sound jaded, I'm not! Ha! I just loved going to Palm Springs as a kid with my family and have enjoyed going back for fun weekend trips and bachelorette parties. I'm honestly a little bummed that Palm Springs is becoming so cool! It used to be a quiet desert hideaway. I am pretty convinced this hotel is just going to make it cooler and cooler.

I kind of want to be bitter at Palm Springs for growing but I can't be. It is too fun, too special, and too close for me to hate on. Plus, this Holiday House is pretty much me in a hotel! I can't wait to visit! But of course, I will have to wait until the off-season and head down there in the fall. 

Holiday House

Rates: $199-$499 a night


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