Happy Monday! Not to sound overly dramatic, but this weekend was one of the most important weekends in my life. I serendipitously discovered Adam Grant's 2013 book "Give and Take" and I simply could not put it down (I ordered five more copies to give as gifts). I am a third of the way through the book but the insights he shared on people's professional motives really spoke to me and validated what I have been feeling and experienced since I entered the professional world almost ten years ago.

I am going to write a much longer post about the book, the message, research and what it means to me in a later post (heads up, it's going to be a long post). But for now I wanted to share that I am excited to spend the month focusing on my blog, creative endeavors--like going behind the scenes at a photo shoot, taking a letterpress class, working on my graphic design skills, and pursuing some really great opportunities for my blog!!! Also, I am working on the foundation for a great company I am going to launch!! I am so excited about it!

The last few months have given me the opportunity to see and narrow down options for my next step and discovering more about the things I do not want to do!

The weekend was also especially great because we had family fun time at Marin Country Mart and the Bay Club-- both of which I will be sharing more about later this week!

From the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you to everyone for reading this blog! It really means a lot to me! I can't wait to share what I'm up to next!!!