Wow! Where has this week gone? It seems like just the other day I was in Sonoma sipping rose with my husband of five years! Last week Jesse and I had a really great time taking off work last Friday and heading to Sonoma Mission Inn (more on my pro-tips for a great experience there later) and enjoyed each other's company, the sun, and just took some time to catch our breath. Things have been busy for Jesse at work and I've been particularly busy getting Lillian off to a great start at her new preschool (today is fairytale day so check in Instagram story for her adorable outfit!) and getting used to making her lunch every day :)

One of the things that people often say to me is how busy I am/ how I have a lot going on. In all honesty, I am healthily busy! I try and find balance in my personal and professional life and often times decline invitations to work events so that I don't feel overwhelmed. In San Francisco life moves especially fast and I think it takes a real conscious effort to not get swept away in the fast-moving stream.

This week I casually took a few days off from writing my blog. For no particular reason. I thought I would give it a whirl. One of the things I have known from the very beginning of Perfect 10 SF and that this week reaffirmed is that I really love blogging. I absolutely love writing and creating and learning and sharing. So, needless to say, it feels great to be posting today and I can't wait to share more soon!

I mention this on a variety of my channels, especially on here, is that the blogging industry is what sometimes drives me crazy. I'll be sharing more on that next week. I got so much feedback that readers loved my FAQs post on blogging.

What I'm working on for next week:

How to Get the Most out of Sonoma Mission Inn

Milestones ABC: Best Gift for Families

Defining Your Personal Style

Are Bloggers Really Happy?

My New Company (!!!)