I originally was going to write a post on whether or not bloggers are happy, but I decided to share a little bit about my own experience right now and give readers a glimpse into how life has been recently!

I'm very fortunate because my natural disposition is positive and things tend to work out. Recently, we've had a lot of change in our lives and it's been a lesson in patience: Lillian turned two and with that was the start of preschool (which has actually been amazing), a new toddler bed, and transitions with my marketing clients, and Jesse has also been really busy with a new product feature.

Honestly, the changes in our lives seemed to all happen at once and pretty quickly. We've turned a corner and overall it's been great but there have been some growing pains. I really miss our daycare community, like A LOT!!! I felt like Lillian and I were in the groove with pick-ups and drop offs, and life felt balanced. We had our routine and rhythm. 

A change that has had an impact on our rhythm has been the transition from crib to toddler bed. I can share this now that it doesn't happen anymore and other parents won't get jealous, but we used to put Lillian in her crib at 7:30pm, close the door and see her in the morning. Jesse and I would have plenty of time to spend together, read, work, and wind down. Now it's been harder trying to get her to bed and bedtime ranges from 8:45-9:45, yikes and even sometimes 10:00pm! And I am tired. I have little time to myself at night and I can feel myself not performing as well during the day because I am tired.

Another major change has been in my professional career. I have been so fortunate to freelance the past year and a half and work with some amazing clients. In an effort to focus on my own creative endeavors, I wrapped up with a few clients and shifted my responsibilities. Initially, I had mixed emotions because I love the people I work with and it's hard to see them less as I focus on my own projects, but know that it's better in the long run.

Now that Lillian has transitioned to preschool and has longer days at school I find myself having time for my next opportunity-- I can't wait to share soon what it is!!! Hopefully, my new adventure will inspire people to make a change or start something as well.

At least once a week someone reaches out to me saying they are looking for a professional change. I listen to the universe and it is something that A LOT of people are feeling. And if you're reading this, you are probably feeling it too! Which is a great thing! I think it is always important to explore and reflect and try and figure out next steps.

Needless to say, the last few weeks (since Lillian climbed out of her crib the Friday before Mother's Day-- I'll never forget) have been busy and tiresome. I think we are about to get things in order and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Parenting is all about living through transitions. I think what made me a good parent to a newborn was my ability to adapt and go with the flow. When Lillian turned one I said to Jesse, "well, the easy part is over" and after her second birthday I said to him, "here's where it gets real hard, real quick!"

Transitions in parenting and life are always happening and whether or not you're a parent, I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks I have to get through them. Over the years I have found empowerment and, a lot of times, joy in plunging into the unknown and creating a new path. 

I'm laughing because just over two years ago I was working at a high school and had just graduated from my Master's program and then I transitioned into an entirely different career- marketing and freelance writing. Who knows where I will be in two years and that makes me SO excited!!!

But I can tell you that about eight months ago I had an idea for a company. And I started to move forward with it. But then things got busy with a client so I had to put it on hold. After reading Give and Take I realized that now is the time to pursue this dream and to really move forward with the idea. I cannot wait to share more tomorrow!

But, in the meantime I just have some things to share that help me get through tough transitions:

  1. Cookies and exercise. When things get crazy I do try and eat healthier, but I also never deny myself cookies slash ice cream. I've been making the Toll House chocolate chip minis and have four a night!! Ha! I also have been exercising more! It always helps to get outside with this great weather and breathe some fresh air.
  2. Read. I just re-read books and quotes that make me feel better.
  3. Be positive. This is hard but I always try and take deep breaths and be even more positive and playful when Lillian is acting like a toddler.
  4. Say no. I actually have no problem saying no and I have found that I say no even more when things are hectic around the house. I am sorry to all of the PR companies who invite me to events and I have to decline, but I just need to focus on family life.
  5. Unplug. Taking a break from computers and social media always helps.
  6. Phone a friend. I'm lucky to have so many great sisters that I can always turn to. Talking to someone else always helps-- so feel free to email me anytime,
  7. Cut yourself some slack. It always surprised people to discover that I'm not hard on myself. I just don't think it's worth it. But when things are busy I do find that I actively try to not let things bother me- like washing the dishes in the morning.
  8. Dance. Listening to Adele and Ed Sheeran and dancing always makes me feel better.
  9. Do something you enjoy. Whether it's painting or writing or taking a class, I always find reenergized when I am doing something that I enjoy. It helps energize me for the late nights of trying to get Lillian to bed!
  10. Embrace the changes even harder. When I find myself wanting to avoid the growing pains of change that's when I tell myself to embrace it even more. Successful people are the ones who are adaptable. I always try and stay lean and nimble when it comes to change!
  11. Have faith. Remember that it will all work out!

I hope that sharing this helps others realize that the universe has a plan right now!! Ha for all of us to have career changes!!