As a new mom (can I still say that with a two-year-old), there is hardly anything more fun than shopping for itty bitty clothes!!! I remember when I was pregnant I was fortunate enough to have a closet full of clothes for Lillian, as we had received so many gifts from friends and had pieces from her cousins.

So now that Lillian is two and is in preschool and is one the most active and messiest toddler I know, my experience of dressing her has shifted a bit. While she's not rolling around in mud or anything truly "dirty" she has a black belt in the art of getting stains all over everything!! Seriously, everything!

This darling outfit is from Little English, one of my favorite clothing companies, and Lillian wore it for her birthday. We made it through the party without a stain but the next time she wore it she got markers and maraschino cherry juice all over it-- yes, we have some fun adventures around here!

One of the funny things about parenting is that kids are just going to do what they're going to do. One of my beliefs is that you should always make sure your child looks presentable FOR THE OCCASION! That is key! I don't think it's a good idea to always have your child looking perfect- just perfect for the party, school, or adventure ahead. What I mean is that I always dress Lillian for comfort first and style second. The other day I saw a girl Lillian's age at the park in a dress and tights. While she looked absolutely adorable, it wasn't functional. I never want to dress Lillian in form over function, especially at the park!!

With preschool days filled with art projects, science projects, field trips, park days, cooking class, and even adventures in shaving cream, we've never seen Lillian's clothes dirtier! I just picked up some Dabble stain remover and can't wait to try and tackle some of these stains!

So my tips for toddler clothes:

  • Buy everything on sale!
  • Don't worry when it gets dirty
  • Dress for the occasion
  • Get clothes that fit
  • Get a good stain remover



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