A lot of people message me saying that it seems like I'm in Sonoma all of the time! Well, I wish that were true! Since my parents got a house in Sonoma over ten years ago, Sonoma has quickly become my favorite place and I absolutely love spending time up there.

This past weekend Lillian and I went to Napa to visit family while Jesse stayed home to work. With just a short car ride from the city (it's even shorter since we moved closer to the Golden Gate Bridge from Noe Valley in February), it's so fun to head to the wine country for a few hours.

When we got home Saturday night I said to Jesse it feels like Lillian and I are Goldilocks and just pop around from place to place trying every pool and sleeping in any bed we can find! Every time I come home from a great time in Sonoma my heart is even more set on purchasing a home there that we can call our own and have our family over and all of our friends. I have daydreams of having a standing dinner the first Saturday of the month and whoever can come, comes. It would be like a salon where everyone eats great food, drinks great wine, listens to great music, and has great conversations.

If I'm being perfectly honest with everyone, over the past year I have found myself appreciating Sonoma and the lifestyle it offers more than the fast-paced speed of San Francisco. I love getting off the grid, unplugging, and just being with family in Sonoma. In San Francisco it is hard for me to tell if the pace and intensity has increased a lot more since my childhood or if I am just at the age where I have really started to notice it.

Also, becoming a parent has changed my point of view. When you have kids you have a slower pace of life and you just want to enjoy the simple things. Don't get me wrong, San Francisco has my heart and it is where we will be but I just love spending time outside of the city. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to truly enjoy both worlds.

I'm putting it out into the universe that Jesse and I will purchase a home in Sonoma before the end of 2018!!! Fingers crossed! Time to really start saving those pennies. All will be invited to our house warming party!