This week has been so much FUN! Lillian turned TWO and started Preschool yesterday! We will miss the community and staff at our daycare (more on that later) but are excited for this new chapter. It's been exciting to see Lillian wrap up so many things that marked her "babyhood"; we said goodbye to onesies (one of my favorite things about babies), her crib, pretty soon diapers, and have welcomed so many great things that accompany toddlerhood.

While we are thrilled about her starting preschool and her first day went great, I still feel like I am catching up on the things we needed to be fully prepared. Because of the business of the weekend and birthday celebrations, I definitely was that mom at Target at 9pm picking up last minute items we needed for Lillian's first day.

Now that we're into day 2 of preschool I am finally able to start on my to-do list. Here are some of the things I think are preschool essentials!

Backpack: My sister Claire got Lillian this darling backpack for Christmas (last seen here) and it's a great way to teach Lillian personal responsibility and to remember it going to and from school.

Lunch bag: My best friend Andie got Lillian the PlanetBox lunch box and it's been great! We also would be a mess without our SkipHop food containers and water bottle that I got from Target.

Sleeping Mat: Lillian used a sleeping mat at daycare but we ended up purchasing another one so that when she transitioned from her crib to toddler bed she could sleep in it. We found this one. I searched everywhere for an organic sleeping mat and couldn't find one. I will keep looking and report back.

Jacket: We got the most darling Patagonia jacket from Poppy Store Marin. It caught my eye because it is SPF 50, waterproof and has a hood!

Sunscreen: I always use ThinkBaby because that's what DayOne Baby carries. I need to drop off a new bottle because I couldn't find it when packing things up.

Need to get:

Still on my list: dark colored shirts (Lillian only has white shirts!!), a sun hat since they spend so much time outside, and a pair of running shoes. I just ordered these waterproof labels from Minted!

Good luck to all of the preschoolers out there!