Things have been so fun around here recently. We finally have gotten the hang of Lillian sleeping in her toddler bed (although if you haven't made the transition from crib to toddler bed, I highly suggest you wait as long as possible). But the most hilarious thing is that I considered putting the crib back together and I asked Lillian if she wanted the crib and she said no. So when I try and get her in bed I say, "get in bed or I'll put the crib on" and she gets in bed!! Ha! 

I swear, we have been going through clothes like crazy over here! Lillian is either outgrowing them or getting them absolutely filthy from preschool with the playground activities, art classes, sandbox, and field trips.

This morning I got her dressed in the cutest window pane pants and navy top and realized omg she can't wear this to school- it will get destroyed! I honestly get her dressed in three outfits before I find one that will survive the days' activities.

I'm sharing this because it came as a real surprise to me once she started preschool. She was always messy from daycare from meal times but this is a whole nother level! I've been heading to Old Navy, Gap, and Janie and Jack for the essentials.

I'd love to hear other moms' stories about how they survive these messy days!