Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great day! This week has been so incredibly busy and I've barely seen Jesse! He's been working a lot and has had a ton of meetings so it's been a long week for all of us! The funny part though is that this week has shown us both how much balance we normally have in our lives. Sometimes when things get "worse" you realized how good you have it.

One of the things Jesse and I always talk about is how important adaptability is. The people who are easily adaptable are the ones who are going to thrive. Our world moves so fast that jobs change, get cut, things die off, and what's popular goes out of style. You have to grow or die, like Darwin said. However, the pace these days at which things chance, especially in San Francisco is unlike anything Darwin could have predicted.

But one of the things that I have realized is how having a strong sense of patience is extremely important in our fast-paced lives. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but it's true. With things moving so fast- coffee ready in minutes, items delivered in two days, food at your door, dinner kits that take 15 minutes to make (I love all of these things btw), it makes us used to moving at light speed. And it can make parenting, travel, work, life hard. It's like we have forgotten how to have patience.

Everybody wants everything, and they want it NOW! I've known for a long time but it's becoming more clear that I actually have a lot of patience. It is something I get from my mom and is something I have developed over the years and have gotten to exercise as a new mom- I'm not saying this to brag. Babies make you slow down and a lot of people don't realize that they don't like the slower pace and get upset that their baby isn't doing xyz on the parents time-schedule.

I just went through this a few weeks ago with Lillian's transition to the toddler bed. I could feel my energy plummeting, which in turn stretched my patience. 

I've realized that patience should be actually broken down into two categories: in situations you can control and those you cannot. Unfortunately, most of the time patience is harder and occurs more frequently for things you cannot control.

The ways I try to be more patient with things I cannot control is to just say to myself, this is a practice in patience and accept it.

How do you work on your patience?