This weekend was a blast and really felt like summer! Jesse is working on a big project so he had to work for a lot of the weekend so Lillian and I headed to Marin Country Mart and Sonoma to enjoy the sun and go swimming. They have a pond with turtles and fish at Marin Country Mart that Lillian loves to watch. We normally head over early in the morning for the farmers market, but on Saturday we went in the afternoon and it was perfect because it was a lot quieter.

We went swimming and had a blast- Lillian is such a water baby and I couldn't be happier- every knows how much I love pools by now, right?

If you're like us and spend a lot of time in the car going on adventures, come Sunday the car is full with stuff! I looked in the trunk and saw the water wings, inflatable swan (lol), jackets, two pairs of Lillian's shoes (since she always takes them off in the car), books, and water bottles. Oh vey! On Sunday night I usually take a laundry basket down to the garage and throw everything in there and go through it upstairs and sort things out: wash, toss, recycle and put back in the car. To make sure we're prepared for the upcoming week, I update the bag in the car full of essentials- an extra outfit, diaper, wipes, sunscreen, and snacks.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!