A few weeks ago Jesse and I celebrated our five year anniversary. We had such an amazing wedding and I was thinking I can't believe we got married when I was 26! We had talked about having a five-year anniversary party as way to celebrate our love but also as a great excuse to see our friends who we haven't seen in forever because of busy schedules. I'm glad we didn't go ahead with one-- I was all set and had the venue and was going through the guest list- because two of Jesse's closest friends got engaged to their girlfriends over Memorial Day weekend. To have an anniversary party a few days later would have looked a little attention hungry! Ha! Which we actually are not (especially Jesse).

We were so young! I wouldn't change a thing about our wedding but I was thinking what would our wedding be like if we got married today. I thought this was an interesting Vogue article on wedding trends to avoid- gosh, it sounds so arrogant! I am kind of like, get over yourself, Vogue! 

Here are some things I would do today if we were going to get married:

  1. Cocktail party:  We didn't have a sit-down dinner, we had a cocktail party but I wish I had made it even more cocktaily. I would have a 5:30pm ceremony and then toasts and dancing. Get the party started.
  2. Rent the Runway bridesmaids dresses- I would just ask my bridesmaids to rent any dress in a creme color from Rent the Runway.
  3. Sonoma- We probably would get married in Sonoma. Probably at Chateau St. Jean or something or even at Sebastiani.
  4. Stress-free. I think I would keep everything simple and not worry about the details. I would just have a few flowers and lots of champagne.
  5. Videographer- Our wedding was absolutely amazing and my only regret was that we didn't have a videographer to capture all of the fun memories.