This weekend was one for the books and not because we did anything special, but because we didn't do anything at all! This past weekend was the first time in forever (I can't even remember how long) that Jesse, Lillian and I spent the entire weekend together as a family. I've mentioned it a lot recently, but Jesse has been busy with a big project at work and I've been working on launching my new company (read a little bit about it here) so we've been like ships passing in the night.

This weekend was a much-needed recharge for all three of us. Life can get so busy and it's important to make time for family time. Are you familiar with The Five Love Languages? It breaks down five different ways that you can give and receive love and my top one is quality time and so it's important for me to spend time with people I love. You should check out which love language you and your partner have? Jesse and I have opposite ones so it's really funny. We were laughing last night how it's funny we got together and work so well since we are so different.

We spent the weekend at relaxing in our pajamas, swimming at the Bay Club, going out for sushi, going to the park, and hanging around the house. It couldn't have been better!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


caroline curran