I love looking through the analytics on my site and seeing what people are searching! So I thought I would answer some questions that people ask!!

What are your favorite shoes for Lillian?

I love Cienta Mary Jane shoes that I get on Zappos. They're perfect for messy preschool days and then I just throw them in the wash and Lillian wears them all weekend. I also love Stride Rite sandals, like this pair. Like her parents, Lillian has high arches so a lot of shoes don't fit her! We also loved the red Hunter boots she has for rainy days.

Where did we move to?

We moved from Noe Valley to the Inner Richmond in February. We're still in the city and are loving our new location. One of my sisters moved to Lake District and it opened my eyes to the large properties of this side of the city. Especially compared to the smaller (and expensive places of Noe Valley). We are loving being so close to the Golden Gate Bridge and it is so easy for Jesse to get to work and for Lillian to get to preschool. I do miss the exceptionally sunny Noe Valley weather.

What's your diet?

Every morning I have a hot chocolate and Bantam Bagels from Starbucks and usually, don't eat until 2pm where I have a piece of fruit. This isn't a good plan-- it's just how busy my days are. Then I have a salad and main course for dinner. 

What is your exercise plan?

I usually run and do modified BBG at home. The other day I took at class at Core40 and definitely want to go back. The class was a B but I was sooooo sore that it felt really great. First class is $20 and you get free socks- win!

What's your new company? 

It's launching so soon and I can't wait to share!!!!

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I write about Claire a lot because we both have our own companies and flexible schedules and talk a lot throughout the day. She's like my coworker. We live close to one another and are together a lot. My older sister Caitlin is a lot more private so I don't write about her as much. And my sister Colleen works at a high school so I don't like writing about her because I don't want her students to see what I am saying.

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