About three weeks ago I went to Lyon Street Salon to get my hair cut and highlighted. I've been fortunate to have the same stylist and friend for the last fifteen plus years! Michelle is the owner of the salon and incredibly talented, professional, knowledgeable and is always the person I go to when I need some advice.

I walked out of the salon feeling refreshed after deciding to go a little darker and a little bit more of a trim than I normally do, with a plan to go even shorter in the fall after summer.

About two weeks ago I texted her and said I want to take some more off. This part is hilarious-- I basically said I want hair that looks great, especially under a hat, and that is no work at all and looks amazing all of the time. She laughed in my face but told me that I would get results that I wouldn't hate by using Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow it H(Air) Styler.

We were laughing because I said that I feel like I've been having some bad hair days and she said everyone has! The first few months of the year were full of rain and mist so no one's hair looked good.

Since going shorter with my hair I have loved how easy it is!! And how I don't feel like I look like every other blogger slash high school student!

I highly recommend this Bumble and Bumble product that Michelle introduced me to if you want to enjoy summer carefree and avoid heat styling products!