This weekend was particularly fun! I'm pretty sure it was because the weather was so nice! On Friday night, Jesse and I took Lillian over to Marin Country Mart for their Friday Night Jazz summer series. Jesse had a long week and was really sick earlier in the week so we enjoyed being outside in the sun, eating dinner and watching Lillian run around with all of the other kids.

Saturday Jesse had to catch up on a lot of work since he was out sick, so Lillian and I headed up to Sonoma to see my parents. It was HOT! Like 98 degrees hot! We love heading up there because Lillian loves being outdoors and running around and it's so quiet and feels so safe up there.

On Sunday we had a nice family brunch then went to our friends Mike and Grace's baby shower in Golden Gate Park!

It was a weekend that just made us feel so happy. My goal today is to clean up our house and get rid of a lot of things! We've accumulated so many things and it's time to get rid of them!

Looking forward to my birthday on Thursday and labor day weekend!


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