One // This adorable dress from Dottie DooLittle is only $88 or something like that. Which is a lot for a dress but is a perfect option for a smocked dress without the really high price point.

Two// ThirdLove just came out with nursing bras. ThirdLove is a company that offers a great alternative to bra shopping. My friend Michelle told me about them and she really likes their products. The maternity bra option is great and if you're pregnant you should check it out!

Three //  I have been going to classes at Core40 and I absolutely love them! They are strength classes on a super reformer and are hard for my postpartum body!

Four // The Color Factory is the hottest pop-up in San Francisco and tickets are already sold out!

Five // My sister Claire is traveling and it is so funny because we haven't talked in a few days and I am realizing how often we talk!

Six // I feel like Game of Thrones is getting better! Less violence and more story development! Granted, I normally have my hands covering my eyes for most of the episode.

Seven // If you're into photography like I am, you have to check out Samy's camera to rent either cameras or lenses. I just tested a 24-70mm zoom lens and loved the photos I took with it but it is such a beast to lug around. It's so great to test things before you buy them, especially when they're $1500+

Eight // Because of yesterday's post about Cut Arts, I got an email saying they'd like to gift me one and I decided to give it away so I am doing a giveway in my moms FB group. Sure feels good to gift things, doesn't it?

Nine // Stonestown is making a comeback. You heard it here first. Zara, Target and a movie theater? I don't even recognize you, Stonehenge! Just keep Boudins and we'll be all good!

Ten // We can't wait for our Bernard proofs to arrive!!! Hopefully we'll see them soon!!




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