Another great weekend for us! We celebrated my niece's first birthday in San Jose. It was a darling mermaid party and the birthday girl is an angel!!! Us city girls love the warm weather of San Jose, even if we were melting! Lillian loved playing with everyone- there were a lot of children her age there and she loved swimming and going in the bounce house with everyone!

The funny thing is that with so many babies and kids there it is hard for the adults to chat with one another since everyone is watching their child. I think I started seven conversations that I ended up having to walk away from because Lillian wanted to go in the pool.

We spent some time in Sonoma and listened to the Moana soundtrack all weekend. Life is fun around here and we're grateful for all of the amazing people in our lives.

This week on the blog I am doing a female entrepreneur's week and sharing more about some of the amazing and inspiring women I have met over the years!


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