Our new Keetsa mattress!

If there's one thing new parents can all agree on, it's how important good sleep is to the overall health and happiness of the family. We are fortunate that Lillian is a good sleeper but the last couple of weeks Jesse and I have noticed that our sleep quality had changed and we were not sleeping as well. We had casually talked about getting a new king bed in the hopes of creating a better sleeping situation for all of us.

The mattress industry definitely wins the award for being the most disrupted industry recently. It seems like there are so many new options for mattresses- all that claim to be the most comfortable at the best price. I have to say that I am still really skeptical. When I tried some of the mattresses that came in a box, I was not impressed. They felt cheap. 

Jesse and I bought a new mattress before we got married, so ours still felt really new, but it was just getting too small when Lillian would come get in our bed in the middle of the night and for family movie nights in bed.

It was probably after we came back from Palm Springs and our king-size bed that our sleep quality plummeted! I kept saying to Jesse we need to change something about our sleep environment. I kept proposing short-term solutions: a new comforter? new pillowcases? new pillows? I even bought new pillowcases for our Euro-sized pillows (as I am typing this I am wondering if anyone really cares about this....) and even a new pillow.

The funny thing about marriage is your partner can still surprise you. I didn't think Jesse would go for a new bed- they're too expensive. Or they are too cheap and cheap-feeling. So I was shocked when he said let's go look at mattresses over the long weekend!!!!

I have to just say that this post isn't sponsored. I have noticed in the past year quite the uptick in sponsored mattress posts by Instagrammers. The funny thing is-- I haven't seen the same mattress promoted- I've seen Avocado, Casper, Tuft & Needle, and a few more that I can't remember. Oh, Leesa and Tulio or something like that.

Jesse's colleague recommended Keetsa and it ended up being the only place we checked out. Spoiler alert: we bought the Keetsa mattress that day and it's being delivered on Wednesday. We are SO excited! We settled on it because it's comfortable, they have 0% financing over 12 months, and we felt like it was the right one for us. 

It was funny to think back when we bought our other mattress how it felt like such a big commitment-- like we were buying a car or something. We've grown up and so has the mattress buying experience. This time around it was like buying a rug- a good amount of money but it didn't feel so high pressure to pick the right one. They also offer a hundred-day trial period.

So, now the tricky part comes-- which headboard and sheets to get? Of course, I was looking at Caitlin Wilson headboards and Hill House Home and Matouk linens but think we'll settle for something a little bit more reasonable.

I asked the Keetsa employee how people find out about them and he said it's mostly word of mouth. I mean, we heard from Jesse's friend. So I thought I would share our experience and will keep you updated with how the mattress works out.


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Thank you to Keetsa for partnering on this post. I am just kidding they didn't partner. I just put this here to see how far you would read. <3

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