Family-friendly travel at Omni Las Palmas Resort.


The day after Christmas we left for a family vacation in Palm Springs and we had the most amazing time staying at the Omni Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage, the next town after Palm Springs. If you are looking for a great place to go with your family and don't want to go to Hawaii or Mexico, then I highly recommend this Omni property.

I am familiar with Omni because of their Financial District location in San Francisco, right across from the Julia Morgan Ballroom in the Merchant's Exchange Building. Omni has an elevated brand and I wasn't sure how this would translate in Palm Springs, but we couldn't have been more pleased. The staff was incredibly friendly and accomodating.

Probably the best thing about the hotel was how family-friendly it was. Jesse and I were remarking how easy it was to be a parent there. Get ready for all of the amenities they have: four pools (one spa pool, one adults-only pool, one family pool, and one lazy river with a walkable beach), poolside grill service with dippin' dots, Icees (YUM!! I didnt' get one but wanted to), tennis camps, family movie nights, arts and crafts for kids, and free golf cart rides around the huge property.

We also loved that the property was located directly across from The River, an outdoor mall that had all of your classic mall dining and shops: Cheesecake Factory, PF Changes, Five Guys, a movie theater and a few more shops.

Writing this I am getting so excited thinking about how much fun we had! While it wasn't a European vacation (which all of my friends who go with children say looks great in photos is actually a nightmare), it was the perfect relaxing vacation and family bonding that we needed.

It can be hard as a parent to vacation because you are so aware of making sure you don't ruin other guests' experience. Let me tell you, the Omni Las Palmas Resort felt like an awesome summer camp. Parents all "got it" and everyone was very friendly but kept to themselves.

Lillian loved splashing in the pool with other kids and it was fun to see the same families a couple days in a row. One of the highlights of the trip was going as a family to see Pitch Perfect 3! Lillian loved seeing Coco before the holidays so I knew she would do a great job in the theater- plus the girl loves popcorn, so it was easy! Another highlight was visiting The Living Desert where we got to feed giraffes, see their huge train town, and all of the animals. 

To be honest, when we booked the hotel I was really excited to get away but wasn't sold on the property. The photos on the website are limited and they don't do it justice. The rooms are nice, but not too nice that you worry about your toddler completely destroying it. The grounds are beautiful and we loved the breakfast buffet- it was the perfect way to start the day.

We were saying we can't wait to go back! Jesse enjoyed working out and going to the spa and I loved going around the lazy river. Oh, one other highlight was the first night we arrived, it was around 6pm and we all jumped in the pool!!

I can't recommend Omni Las Palmas Resort enough!


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