Stella Cove Bathing Suits for Toddlers.

If you've been following for a while you know that Lillian is a water baby. She absolutely loves splashing around, jumping in the pool, and playing. I am so grateful because I love the pool just as much and it is fun to swim together.

While I love swimming, I always try and go for the most practically priced swimsuit, especially post-partum. Lol. Can I say that? It's been 2+ years? I literally buy the cheapest bathing suit from J.Crew when I scour their sales for something fun (hence, this neon one-piece I've had forever and still love).

If you're a mom you know that it is so much more fun to shop for your kids than for yourself. I discovered these Stella Cove bathing suits and can't get enough. They are too darling-- I love the pastels.

Happy Swimming!



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