The Bundle of Joy Update.

the bundle of joy x megan

I am *SO* excited to share that the reason things have been quiet on my blog here, is because The Bundle of Joy has been taking up so much of my time-- and I am totally thrilled about it!

I've been keeping it pretty quiet the last couple of months but I am so excited to share that we will be releasing five new Bundles in the next couple of weeks in addition to our four classic Bundles. We will also be adding more products to our store so that you can add additional items to a Bundle, like a "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" shirt!!!

Four of the five Bundles are collaborations and it has been a dream to work with these two. I can share next week once I have the product photography!!!! Expect two wellness Bundles and two insanely beautiful Bundles-- omg it has been so hard to not share but I have learned when sharing about The Bundle of Joy I have to share images or else I don't do it justice!!

I'd love for you to head to The Bundle of Joy website and see some updates we made to the site to make it cleaner and easier to shop. Over the weekend, I had some dedicated time with my Co-founder and CTO Jesse and we made a lot of progress!!

Thanks for following along!


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