The Crown: Fashion Inspiration.


I always sort of shrink with embarrassment when people say, "you're a fashion blogger" because yes, maybe at one point, that title loosely fit me. But now, god it's so embarrassing because as I am typing this I am sitting here in my favorite Roberta Roller Rabbit pajamas and on-repeat Patagonia fleece pull-over.

The days of me getting dressed for pleasure are long gone! Ha! I find myself planning my showers and hair washing around days when I have something to go to.

I think, maybe one day, I will get back in the groove of getting dressed for fun. And that date might be approaching faster than I thought because I cannot get enough of the fashion on The Crown. It's one of the main reasons why I watch the show, because I honestly can't understand half of it with their accents.

What I love about the 50s and 60s is that no fashion detail was spared. GLOVES!! We need to bring gloves back! The last time I wore gloves in earnest was my Senior Tea of high school when we were all in our white dresses as a pre-graduation tradition. The time before that was probably my 8th grade graduation.

I think when I started to lose my interest in contemporary fashion was when the quality got so poor. Or maybe I just matured and couldn't handle the cheap quality anymore. At events or weddings, I am always the person who is the most conservatively dressed- ha- usually wearing long sleeves!!

The Crown fashion inspires me more than any magazine, website or blogger does. I love how there are no labels and attention to detail- classic and structured outfit, check! hat, check! gloves, check! little bag on the arm, check!

I can't wait to start incorporating more fashion inspiration from The Crown into my wardrobe!


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