Fun at Tutu School.


Last Friday we had the special privilege of attending the Rainbows and Relevé party at Tutu School Larkspur, at my favorite, Marin Country Mart! After wanting to visit Tutu School for a long time now I am glad that we finally had the chance to see what the magic is all about!

Tutu School is owned and operated by Genevieve Weeks and it's such a small world because her husband Andrew Weeks is a photographer and works frequently with my sister Claire on weddings!

To be honest, working at San Francisco Ballet School allowed me to get an intimate look at the entire ballet experience and behind the curtain is a lot different than what you see on stage or in the beautiful photos. The art is extremely beautiful but it is extremely physically taxing on dancers' bodies, their emotions, and their lifestyle. I seriously told myself that I would never let my children do ballet- which made me sort of sad because for young girls it really is fun and special.

I am so glad that we discovered Tutu School because the atmosphere is just what you want for your little one as they explore dance. It is the perfect introduction and experience that takes the best part of the art and makes it accessible and enjoyable.

The schools all seem to have great communities and the events are very well thought-out and truly so special for the little ones! It was really fun to meet up with my friend Natalie and her darling daughter Margot at the party- it had been far too long since we had seen them!

Check out all of the Tutu School locations for their class schedules, summer camps and birthday party event details!


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